Facial Waxing

Geinos understands that looking and feeling your best is how you want to start your day. Facial waxing services can play an integral part in this. Whether you are just cleaning up a few stray hairs to enhance your natural features or removing hairs that are unwanted to create a smooth flawless look, Geinos will give you the seamless experience and inner confidence you've been looking for. He has worked in the skin care industry with companies such as Dermalogica and Shiseido and also has the artistic detail to create the specific shape of eyebrows that will bring your eyes to the forefront and naturally brighten up your face. Whether you're seeking a subtle change for a more "cleaned up" look or an angular shape that fits your face specifically, Geinos can make it happen. Eyebrow waxing services are for everyone, whether your look is masculine or feminine Geinos can shape your eyebrows to stand out in a way that is subtle or dramatic achieving a remarkable difference to your look that may have never known that you could have. Visit him at the shop or book your appointment for him to come to you today. When you're in his chair, you're the only thing that matters to him.