Undercut Hair Carving Designs

Are you looking for something incredibly edgy, distinctive to your personality, quirky, idiosyncratic, exclusive, eccentric and unrepeatable? Then your search is over, undercut hair carving designs are for you. Take a normal haircut and blow it out of the water with diagonal lines, waves and geometric shapes carved into your hair. It's like a temporary tattoo for your head that you can change up from haircut to haircut. Each design lasts for two to three weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth and will make heads turn from a mile away. Geinos is an artist at heart and can take whatever imaginative ideas you have for your hair and turn them into a walking masterpiece for the world to ooh and ahh over. Capture the attention of your friends with this unique cutting edge showstopper look. Geinos is wonderfully creative if you're interested in change where your haircut is concerned and he will always finds a new twist or turn with your hair. In addition to that he is interesting, entertaining and lovely. You cannot go wrong by letting him help you find your very own look. Book your appointment with Geinos today! He will even come to you.