Straight Razor Shave

Have you ever had a straight razor experience? Geinos is one of the select few that can offer straight razor shaving services in the Portland, OR area. He is both an instructor in straight razor shaving and proficient with his steady handed skills when working with his clients in straight razor head shaves, bald fades, face shaves and beard line-ups. If you've never had a straight razor shave experience, you don't know what you're missing. With hot towels, the aroma of peppermint and wood scented oils, massage and beard shaping when needed, you will feel like an entirely different person when he's done. If you need to hit the reset button on life this is your ticket and the easiest way to go about it. Lay back and relax and let Geinos work his magic. Having a shave experience is like taking a sidestep out from reality and allowing the stress of life to melt away. Geinos is a true artist and unbelievable talent. Just read the reviews to find out what you're missing. Look no further! Book your appointment with Geinos today. He will even come to you.